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CURRENT EXHIBIT:September 8- October 31, 2014

Missouri Mules and Men- A documentary project by Duane Dailey

Too few people understand the Missouri Mule a beast of burden in peace and war. They worked farms, forests and mines, yet never shed a reputation for stubbornness, even cantankerousness. Those who knew them tell a better story: Mules are intelligent, hardworking, agile, quick to learn, dependable -- and wiser than horses. "You must be smarter than a mule to work a mule,” they say. They admit mules have strong personalities and sense of preservation. Mules won't do dumb things asked by unwise masters.

Long-time MU agriculture journalist and photojournalist Duane Dailey spent years photographing Missouri mules and their owners. Traveling with Dr. Melvin Bradley, they interviewed the men and observed the mules as they plowed the earth, moved timber to saw mill trucks and performed their “civilized” version at the Missouri State Fair. This work, created mostly in 1983, has never before been exhibited. What we learn from these stubborn, gentle, persistent creatures, and the men and women devoted to them, is a beautiful partnership of man and beast.

On display at the McDougall Gallery, Lee Hills Hall, September 8 - October 31, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and other times by appointment.
Contact David Rees, Director, Angus and Betty McDougall Center for Photojournalism Studies, for more information.