Photojournalism Archive

The Angus and Betty McDougall Center for Photojournalism Studies will preserve for archival, research and educational use collections of photographs by newspaper, magazine and documentary photographers.

It establishes the Missouri Photojournalism Archive, providing educational programming from the archive of Angus McDougall and other individual photographers, while sustaining and expanding educational efforts of existing Missouri programs: the Missouri Photo WorkshopPictures of the Year InternationalCollege Photographer of the Year Competition and the Missouri Photojournalism Hall of Fame. These programs resonate with the Missouri Photojournalism Archive initiative, but each will maintain its identity.

Initially, three photographers — Kim Komenich, Alan Berner and Rita Reed — have been invited to add their work the Missouri Photojournalism Archive for online exhibition at the McDougall Center website, at, and for gallery exhibits. Now, as in the future,  this enables the work to be readily available to students and researchers of photojournalism, but this is a non-exclusive holding. In addition to photographs, writings and other pertinent information are collected and preserved whenever possible.

A Missouri Photojournalism Archive selection committee comprised of Missouri faculty, alumni and friends of the program, will review work presented for inclusion based on criteria including historical significance and relevance to issues in photojournalism and society.  Individual collections may be complete bodies of work or special projects.

As the work is scanned and readied for the active electronic archive, original materials will be archived in the best available storage, which is currently at University Records Management. Among other goals, the center plans to construct optimum storage space for the collection.